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How Wide Are Heaven's Doors?

This short book is designed to introduce people to information from Church history and the teaching of the Bible showing that God will one day restore all of His creation to the perfection He initially intended.  It contains excerpts and comments taken directly from Heaven's Doors . . . Wider Than You Ever Believed! which was awarded the Silver Medal in Theology in the Illumination Book Awards for exemplary Christian literature.


The booklet can be read in under an hour, and its small size fits easily in a man's coat pocket or a woman's purse. 


It's a booklet designed to be given away.

To order single copies of the paperback, eBook or audiobook, click here:

To order 6 copies or more of the paperback at the reduced rate of $2.50/booklet including shipping, contact George W. Sarris at, or call 888-786-7437.  

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