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George W. Sarris

George W. Sarris is a popular author, speaker and performer who has spent a lifetime addressing Biblical and family issues throughout the U.S.

A 1978 graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, he’s served on the staffs of three missionary organizations and has published numerous blog articles on ultimate restoration on – the world’s largest online Christian news website.  He’s been a featured speaker at conferences, churches, men’s retreats and conventions across the country and has performed his unique one-man shows in the U.S. and abroad.  

He’s the narrator of Zondervan’s 2011 revision of the Holy Bible New International Version featured on and the creator of an award-winning series of children’s CDs that bring the Bible to life.

Heaven’s Doors is his first book and has been endorsed by world-renowned Biblical scholars.

“Evangelicals congratulate themselves on their willingness to submit to the final authority of scripture. Yet they also have cherished beliefs that they defend to the hilt . . . Quite rightly, George Sarris insists that even these beliefs should be subjected to the test of scripture. In this work he engages in detailed and challenging scrutiny of the biblical teachings on hell, eternal punishment and condemnation. Even those who do not agree with his conclusions need to pay attention to his arguments.”

Nigel G. Wright

Principal of Spurgeon’s College, London; Council Member of the Evangelical Alliance, UK

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